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Secure ICS and OT for Industry 4.0

With DeviceTotal to Auto-prevent attacks and manage the risk of critical devices

Risks of Industry 4.0

RMMs detect devices connected to customer networks but still fail to provide visibility into risk for un-agentable devices, like IoT and OT devices.
MSSPs are forced to use manual risk processes that lead to longer customer onboarding times.

With DeviceTotal, MSSPs gain a competitive advanåtage that drives revenue.
DeviceTotal automates manual processes so MSSPs can give customers the needed risk visibility and prioritization capabilities to secure these hard-to-manage devices.
With DeviceTotal, MSSPs give customers a way to review risk and enhance due diligence during the procurement process.

Knowing Your Risk Posture

Every connected device to the network brings some level of risk. Adding ICS and OT devices to the network has increased the attack surface with high-value targets. With the proprietary nature of these devices, organizations struggle to understand precisely where their highest risks reside. Understanding these complex systems to determine exact vulnerabilities and the risk they create requires resources. Assessing this needs skilled engineers that understand the system, are versed in security practices, and can translate known vulnerabilities to applicable risk. This skillset comes at a premium, and with the current cybersecurity skills shortage, keeping enough staff to meet the organization’s needs is more challenging than ever.
Existing vulnerability scanning solutions may deliver some of the stories on device vulnerabilities, but they fail to quantify the risk in a meaningful manner. This disconnect makes it hard for organizations to prioritize appropriate remediation plans.

With critical ICS and OT devices, patches for known vulnerabilities may be slow to come or require delays in applying patches to prevent outages and work stoppages. Existing solutions fail to provide guidance to determine workarounds and mitigations to prevent a vulnerability when immediate patching is not an option.
“Currently, manufacturers lack a standard way to publish vulnerability data about their devices. The lack of alignment between different manufacturers leaves security teams struggling to identify the accurate security posture for each device in their organization”

Dr. Carmit Yadin

CEO and Founder — DeviceTotal

75.4 B connected devices by 2025

*According to the Statistics 

ICS and OT devices are at the heart of organizations, providing critical infrastructure for operations. Protecting these high-value assets is crucial.

Driving Visibility

DeviceTotal uses a unique and exclusive database containing vulnerability information on a broad spectrum of devices and applications, including ICS, OT, and IoT.

Using inventory information from asset management solution, DeviceTotal derives a contextual understanding of device interconnection. These devices are assessed for vulnerabilities based on an automated in-depth inventory of their software and hardware.
Information discovered is cross-referenced with DeviceTotal’s database to create a unique risk determination for a device. This risk determination is prioritized for the business needs, not just a vulnerability score, as it considers the full context of a device’s vulnerabilities with the relationships between devices.

The whole context is crucial for determining the actual exploitability of devices. Many vulnerabilities have high scores indicating that they are easily
exploitable or have a high impact if exploited. Chasing only after these vulnerabilities still leaves organizations exposed as existing controls may already have resolved the issues, wasting time that teams would better spend on more exploitable vulnerabilities.

DeviceTotal’s approach places the necessary information in defenders’ hands to determine the vulnerabilities that matter, effectively prioritizing efforts and making the most of the team’s limited resources.

How it Works?



Analyze the attack surface score and risk metrics for every connected device on the network by identifying vulnerabilities and risk scores.



Expose the device, the network risk, and the entire nature of the attack surface posture in a contextual way for the organization.



Prioritize responses based on organization, site, or device-level business context, risk, and impact, monitoring the effectiveness of your actions.



Access clear, actionable insights with security recommendations, including software updates, patches, or workaround recommendations.

Automated Protection

Unlike other solutions that wait until a breach occurs, DeviceTotal’s auto-prevention platform is the only solution to proactively prevent attacks or breaches after a vulnerability is identified. DeviceTotal’s unique database and solution enables security teams to reduce risk and exploitability by providing security recommendations to remediate weaknesses. This unique data is updated daily.