In a saturated market, MSSPs need to offer solutions that stand out from the crowd.

RMMs detect devices connected to customer networks but still fail to provide visibility into risk for un-agentable devices, like IoT and OT devices. MSSPs are forced to use manual risk processes that lead to longer customer onboarding times. With DeviceTotal, MSSPs gain a competitive advantage that drives revenue. DeviceTotal automates manual processes so MSSPs can give customers the needed risk visibility and prioritization capabilities to secure these hard-to-manage devices. With DeviceTotal, MSSPs give customers a way to review risk and enhance due diligence during the procurement process.

Automatically identify your
device's security posture

DeviceTotal is the industry’s first crowd-sourced repository platform with all security data for devices enabling companies to assess current risks that deployed devices post and potential future risks arising from adding new devices to their networks.

Drive revenue and reduce costs by providing unmatched security and risk visibility for un-agentable devices



Identify vulnerabilities for devices prior to incorporating them into the organisation's environment



Review vulnerabilities impacting the organisation with attack surface score and risk metrics for every connected device on the network



Understand contextual risk across all devices and networks for complete view of attack surface posture



Use organisation, site, device-level business context. risk and impact to focus activities



Reduce device risk and exploitability scores with security recommendations

Accelerate Return on Investment with Reduced Costs and Rapid Implementation

Delivered as a SaaS service, DeviceTotal provides the risk visibility and prioritization needed without requiring hardware or expensive integration costs. Gain the visibility you and your customers need in less than a day.

Automate Monitoring and Remediation Suggestions for High Risk, Hard to Manage Devices

Monitor firmware security for un-agentable devices, including IoT and OT, to assess the risk these devices pose to the network and provide customers suggestions for software updates, patches, and workarounds that enable more robust security.

Prevent Costly Outage with Non-Invasive Security Data Collection

Agentless solutions without network installation or scanning to ensure security without causing you or customers costly downtime.

Provide Customers with Additional Risk Visibility During Procurement and Due Diligence Processes

Device repository containing security posture and risk information for data-driven decision making around the potential impact of new technologies prior to integrating them into environments.

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Key Functionalities

Our proprietary technology takes security data from our crowd-sourced repository then reverse engineers firmware files to identify security issues, analyze risk, and offer remediation activities.

API-Based RMM Integration

Connects with RMM tools for continuous visibility into risk when adding new devices to network


Sends risk scores, alers, an threat activities to responsible parties with detailed information


Software-as-a-Service model requiring no instalation on devices and networks to reduce security tool proliferation

Data Normalization

Aggregates and normalized security data, including model, series, vendor, and version for full visibility across black box devices, including network, security, IoT, and OT.

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