Risk and Vulnerability Mitigation for OT, IoT, network, and security devices

The world’s first agentless solution to detect and eliminate

 vulnerabilities and risks in OT, IoT, network and security devices


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industry’s first
Universal device security repository

As organizations expand their network infrastructure, understanding device security becomes increasingly complex. Network, security, IoT, and OT devices often operate with limited visibility, leaving organizations vulnerable to threats. DeviceTotal offers a groundbreaking solution as the industry’s premier universal repository platform, housing comprehensive security data for all connected devices. This innovative platform empowers companies to assess existing risks posed by connected devices and anticipate potential future vulnerabilities that may arise from the integration of new devices into their networks. With DeviceTotal, organizations can proactively manage their network security, ensuring resilience in the face of evolving threats.

Automatically identify your
device's security posture



Identify vulnerabilities for devices prior to incorporating them into the organisation's environment



Review vulnerabilities impacting the organisation with attack surface score and risk metrics for every connected device on the network



Understand contextual risk across all devices and networks for complete view of attack surface posture



Use organisation, site, device-level business context. risk and impact to focus activities



Reduce device risk and exploitability scores with security recommendations

Scalable Solution for Complete Visibility with Real-Time Continuous Monitoring

Priorize Response Using Contextual Risk

Aggregated and correlated data for each device, site, and organization so security teams can prioritize responses by integrating business context, risk, and potential impact into decisions.

Take Proactive Steps with Security Recommendations

Suggestions for software updates, patches, or workarounds so security teams can take proactive steps to mitigate exploitable vulnerabilities.

Prevent Costly Outage with Non-Invasive Security Data Collection

Agentless solution without network installation or scanning to ensure security without causing costly downtime.

Understand Security Risk for Enhanced Due Diligence

Device repository containing security posture and risk information for data-driven decision making around the potential impact of new technologies prior to integrating them into environments.

What makes
so special ?

Unique Security Data

DeviceTotal is the only solution to collect and analyze security information directly from the vendors, ensuring precision and timeliness

AI Powered

Priorities what matters most, threats, vulnerabilities, EOL, mitigations and workaround available by the vendors


Software-as-a-Service model requiring no installation on devices and networks to reduce risks and efforts

Universal Source Of Truth

DebiveTotal is the house for more than 700 vendors, offering the most accurate security posture for any device, alongside available mitigations and actionable insights to eliminate the risk

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