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Eliminate Risks and Challenges in EDR, Vulnerability, and Device Management Solutions

In the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, organizations face challenges with vulnerability management and device management solutions. This analysis explores three key domains where these solutions face hurdles that can only be overcome with DeviceTotal’s unique security data. 1. Incomplete Coverage and limited Platform Support 2. Visibility Gaps and complete Device Discovery 3. Complexity in Unmanaged Devices The result is a security blind spot, leaving organizations vulnerable to potential threats originating from unmanaged endpoints.

Meet DeviceTotal

DeviceTotal goes beyond conventional security solutions by employing cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to collect security information directly from vendors’ websites and advisories. While many other solutions rely predominantly on the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) for their data, DeviceTotal takes a more proactive and comprehensive approach to provide its clients with full asset security intelligence coverage, regardless of technology, vendor, or industry.

DeviceTotal provides a range of capabilities to gain comprehensive visibility, manage vulnerabilities, prioritize software updates, assess risks, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions regarding network, security, IoT, and OT device security and management. Utilizing DeviceTotal comes with no risk, offering rapid, high-value results, as it eliminates the need for installations in the client’s network. Easily integrate your assets directly from your CMDB or input them manually, and witness instant visibility into the security posture, along with readily available mitigation options.Here’s an overview of these capabilities:

  1. Gain Visibility of IoT, OT, and Unmanaged Devices

DeviceTotal offers the capability to achieve comprehensive visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT), Operational Technology (OT), and unmanaged devices within the network. This ensures organizations have a complete understanding of their device landscape, enhancing control and security.

  1. Reduce Vulnerabilities

Proactively identify vulnerabilities present in devices and prioritize by risk, manage remediation efforts, and reduce the risk of exploitation.

  1. Manage, Prioritize, and Apply Software Updates

DeviceTotal enables organizations to manage and prioritize software updates for their devices effectively. This feature ensures timely application of critical security patches, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and enhancing overall security

  1. Patch Management

DeviceTotal provides timely notifications for software updates and new vulnerabilities, keeping organizations informed about the latest patches and vulnerabilities relevant to their devices. This enables prompt action to leverage automation to ensure and maintain a secure environment.

  1. Receive Actionable Insights and Workarounds

DeviceTotal understands the complex and sometimes disruptive nature of updates, and provides workaround recommendations, supplied by the vendors, ensuring critical assets will remain secure until updates are scheduled.

  1. Streamline, Achieve, and Maintain Compliance

Enables organizations to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards and industry frameworks.

DeviceTotal For ICS/OT

DeviceTotal is an ideal cybersecurity solution for the industrial market, particularly in Operational Technology (OT) environments, where the demand for robust security is paramount. Its unique feature of requiring no integration and installation is critical in the context of OT, where minimizing disruptions is essential. Beyond this, DeviceTotal offers meticulous vulnerability analysis, eliminating ambiguity in reports. Its comprehensive and accurate vulnerability database fortifies industrial systems against potential threats. The platform’s essential workaround capability enhances its value, ensuring effective mitigation planning.

Gain Real Complete Visibility and Eliminate Risks

Investigating the functionalities and attributes of leading EDRs and vulnerability management solutions today reveals a common deficiency in visibility and risk management for unmanaged devices. Moreover, these solutions exhibit limitations in delivering comprehensive network support, leading to blind spots and potential security breaches. Integrations with DeviceTotal bring new value to the market. By leveraging DeviceTotal’s comprehensive data, organizations can bridge information gaps, ensuring well-informed decision-making processes.

  • DeviceTotal goes beyond the ordinary, offering a depth of coverage that outshines traditional databases. Every vulnerability, for every network, IoT, and OT device – we’ve got you covered.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Don’t settle for partial insights. DeviceTotal enhances your visibility, ensuring you see the complete picture of your digital landscape. No surprises, just proactive cybersecurity.
  • Unmatched Support for Unmanaged Devices: DeviceTotal’s advanced capabilities make managing unmanaged devices a breeze. Elevate your security posture effortlessly.

Schedule your free trial today and see how DeviceTotal can protect your network from IoT and OT vulnerabilities.