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DeviceTotal Partners with Lansweeper to Deliver Accurate Data for Proactive Threat Analysis

With access to Lansweeper data, DeviceTotal provides 100% risk accuracy and attack vector visibility for every device and site across an organization

Israel, 24 November, 2021 – DeviceTotal, a provider of connected devices and IoT security solutions, today announced their partnership with Lansweeper, a leading IT Asset Management platform, to provide mutual customers the ability to upload complete and accurate IT asset data to DeviceTotal’s SaaS-based precognitive attack surface management solution, DeviceTotal. A simple API integration enables the two solutions to work together to eliminate time-consuming, tedious manual tasks, while providing 100% risk accuracy and attack vector visibility, enabling a proactive stance against cyber threats.

Covid-19 has impacted businesses globally with long-lasting effects. Employees across industries transitioned to remote working and many of them stayed there. As they connect to corporate networks with various devices over unsecured home networks, they expand the attack surface and open the door for cyber-attacks. To mitigate risk and protect corporate assets and data, organizations must take a proactive approach and implement end-to-end attack surface management that protects against both known and potential zero-day vulnerabilities. Currently, 57% of connected devices are vulnerable to medium or high-severity attacks. Organizations need complete visibility across the expanded attack surface, to implement proactive measures for reducing the risk of cyber threats.

Dave Goossens, CEO at Lansweeper states, “Through a partnership and API integration with Lansweeper, ArcusTeam has made it possible for our joint customers to instantly and automatically upload complete and accurate IT asset data to DeviceTotal, its SaaS-based precognitive Attack Surface Management solution. The two solutions work hand in hand to deliver 100% risk accuracy and attack vector visibility, enabling a proactive stance against cyber threats.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with Lansweeper. DeviceTotal provides holistic visibility and control over the risk and security posture of all connected devices because it can identify threats before they reach the network,” states Dr. Carmit Yadin, Founder and CEO of DeviceTotal. “Clients who take advantage of the Lansweeper API to upload IT asset data into DeviceTotal reduce operational overhead while gaining access to the benefits of both solutions. Not only do they simplify and improve the process of creating and maintaining a complete and accurate IT asset inventory, but they can also rest assured that DeviceTotal is proactively preparing for and mitigating potential cybersecurity threats across their entire IT estate.”

DeviceTotal, Lansweeper and LogOn will be hosting a webinar on 30 November 2021, Hong Kong 5:00pm (GMT +8), Rome 11am CET time (CET +1), USA 1:00am (PST -8), Tel Aviv 11am (CET +2). To register visit the following link.

About DeviceTotal

DeviceTotal, a provider of connected devices and IoT security solutions, was founded by a team of experienced cyber intrusion professionals. Based on proprietary and advanced technology, a unique, centralized, and unbiased attack surface management SaaS platform, DeviceTotal provides complete visibility to all enterprise devices while continuously predicting, identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and mitigating any potential cyber threats from connected devices.

About Lansweeper

Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management software provider helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network. Lansweeper helps customers minimize risks and optimize their IT assets by providing actionable insight into their IT infrastructure at all times, offering trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of users, devices, and software. Since its launch in 2004, Lansweeper has been developing a software platform that scans and inventory all types of IT devices, installed software, and active users on a network – allowing organizations to centrally manage their IT. The Lansweeper platform currently discovers and monitors over 80 million connected devices from 25,000+ customers, including Mercedes, FC Barcelona, Michelin, NASA, Carlsberg, Nestle, IBM, Nintendo, and Samsung to governments, banks, NGOs, and universities, driven by its 120+ strong teams in Belgium, Spain, and the USA.

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